Windows Virtual Desktop Quickstart

Windows Virtual Desktop Made Easy

Turnkey setup to securely deploy and scale applications on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) via Azure

Organizations today must support employees and partners working from remote locations on devices that they do not own or control. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a great solution to securely provide access to Office 365 and any of your applications to devices regardless of their location.

Do not confuse WVD with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), as these approaches are very different. Let us help you understand how WVD provides a better user experience at a lower TCO.

Secure and Scalable Virtual Desktop

Quickly deliver a consistent desktop to your employees wherever they sit via whatever device is available.  Don’t spend your time and capital buying, configuring, and managing devices when your team can access a virtual desktop anywhere.

In the midst of a global pandemic, WFH is a reality for everyone. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a highly scalable solution that provides secure access to your applications and data for users and devices anytime and anywhere.

Secure Access to Your Environment

Opening your network and applications to devices that you have no control over can expose you to serious vulnerabilities.  Our WVD solution simplifies security and access control while allowing end users to use  your internal applications via the virtual desktop.

This turnkey solution enables companies to quickly and securely empower their employees regardless of their location or device.  WVD jointly with Azure provides a unique solution that every company should consider.

Seamless Microsoft 365 Experience

Employees get the same experience on their virtual desktop as on a physical device with Office 365.  It is the same experience whether you are managing your inbox with outlook, sharing files on OneDrive or collaborating with colleagues on Microsoft Teams meetings.

Our team will work with you to refine your Azure landscape to ensure readiness for WVD.  Further, we will design desktop configurations, set up applications, create the WVD host pool, configure app groups, and deliver a compliant, elastic, and secure WVD environment for end users.

What do you get?

  • A fully deployed and configured Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure, ready for any user to begin accessing

Our Approach

  • Review or setup of Azure subscriptions, Active Direcotry, and supporting identity systems to ensure readiness for WVD
  • Review of any existing desktop image or dynamic desktops including application packages, user data, and delivery needs.
  • Setup up to three applications in WVD using pre-packaged MSIX packages.
  • Create a WVD host pool and configure app groups.
  • Assign applications and app groups to WVD users.
  • Deliver and test WVD delivery to mobile, tablet, desktop, and web devices to confirm functionality.
  • Review ongoing management requirements and make recommendations.

Additional Services

  • Work From Home (WFD) / Video conferencing optimization
  • High performance WVD
  • Graphic-intensive WVD
  • Personal desktops
  • Integrated WVD with System Center Configuration Manager and/or Intune
  • Managed and fully supported WVD solutions