Real-Time Analytics

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of sorting through collected data. You’ve got to make immediate, relevant decisions that hinge on timely information. That’s where Real-Time Analytics from Serverless Solutions can help.

By adding intelligence into streaming analytics from your data feeds, you’ll get timely information that goes beyond just the data. You’ll be able to make more insightful choices to stop problems before they begin.

Manufacturers can combine previous data with real-time information to determine if their machines are due for preventative maintenance, saving them the time and hassle of a costly shutdown.

Planning for Your Current and Future Needs


First, we’ll identify areas that can benefit from real-time analytics and find out what data you have.


Next, we’ll use your data (and possibly additional 3rd party data) to create meaningful structure for real-time decision making.


Finally, we’ll put your new real-time analytics to work so you can enjoy the benefits.

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