Location Services

Imagine a customized version of GPS designed especially for your business. Location Services from Serverless Solutions allow you to keep track of customers, inventory, and so much more.

Using a range of technologies from phone map tools to RFID to beacons, the possibilities for increasing efficiency and improving customer experience are limitless.

Restaurants can know when their loyalty program members are arriving and customize their experience. Casinos can keep track of patrons after they’ve ordered a drink. The list goes on and on.

Planning for Your Current and Future Needs


First, Serverless Solutions will work with you to determine the best uses for location services in your company.


We’ll come up with a solution for you that utilizes the best tools for your environment.


Finally, we’ll get you up and running with your new location services system so you can reap the benefits.

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See how we can save you an average of 20% by working with us.

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