Windows 365 Frontline Announced

Microsoft is bringing the power of the Windows 365 platform to frontline workers. Windows 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based desktop and application virtualization solution, is being updated to better support frontline and shift-based employees. The solution first adds new licensing options to only licensing an individual while they are working. Second, Windows 365 Frontline is being adjusted to better support protection, insights, and management for shift-based employees. These changes include an automatic lock screen, automatic sign-out, an auto reset feature that resets the machine at the end of the shift, intelligent patching to avoid reboots during the shift, and new reporting. Details of the new Windows 365 Frontline offering can be found here. 

Why This Matters

· Previously Windows 365 licensing was per user based and optimized for information workers. This new offering brings the capability to nearly all employees in an organization and only requires paying for the license when the individual is working. This makes shared device management much easier.

· As Windows 365 can be provisioned in minutes without many of the prior IT overhead requirements, small and medium-sized businesses can get up and running quickly.

· The ability to automatic reset the machine, intelligently patch the devices, and apply locking policies automatically makes Windows 365 more secure and ready to deliver a protected desktop or applications anywhere.