Windows 11 and Future of Work Updates

Windows 11 and Windows 365 are coming closer together with new features coming soon. During a Future of Work update event, Microsoft announced several changes to Windows 11, Windows 365, and the management tools supporting these platforms. Some of the key announcements included a Boot to Windows 365 option, Windows 365 integration into Windows 11 experiences, Windows 365 Offline support allowing the cloud-based PC experience to work offline, tabbed browsing in File Explorer, contextual search in File Explorer, a new Remote Help experience, new encryption tools, integrated phishing detection directly in Windows, and several other updates.  Details on these announcements can be found here

Why This Matters

  • Microsoft is very focused on driving virtualized apps and desktops through Azure with the Windows 365 service. Integrating Windows 365 directly into Windows 11 will open new ways to experience virtual apps and desktops while significantly reducing the complexity of these types of solutions. 
  • Historically VMware’s and Citrix’s approach to virtualization of desktops (commonly called VDI) has been expensive and more difficult to manage. Windows 365 now allows organizations to spin up cloud VDI capabilities in minutes whereas prior solutions could take days to weeks.
  • The changes in Windows 11 are also focused on adding additional security and protection of apps and data while giving users new (and often long requested) experiences.  Microsoft anticipates these kinds of features will drive ongoing Windows 11 adoption.