Modernization Enables Transformation

Application modernization is about transformation.  Once your application is part of a larger cloud infrastructure, you now can leverage and consume a multitude of services that would be otherwise difficult and costly to implement.  Examples include:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Location Services
  • Vision & translation services
  • Bots

We often hear clients say that software development is not their core competency so it should be outsourced.  We believe that this statement is only partially true.
Out of the three building blocks of software development – code, data and infrastructure, we believe infrastructure is the piece that should be outsourced.  Code is unique to every business and contains the rules and processes that support your business operations, its competitive advantages and its ability to adapt to change. It is the heart of most modern businesses which is why it should and will be a focal point in most strategic initiatives.  Data is also unique to every business as it contains the keys to predict and discover optimizations and efficiencies as well retain and better serve your customer base.  Infrastructure is NOT unique to most business.  Infrastructure includes services such as security, compute power, OS management, storage and messaging.  These are areas that are difficult to manage and maintain properly and they detract from the core components of code and data.