Microsoft Teams Premium Now Available

The advanced and premium capabilities of Microsoft Teams are now available. Teams Premium, an add-on license to Teams, is designed to enhance meeting experiences. One of the major features in the Premium release is the new Intelligent Recap feature. This feature uses the OpenAI GPT capabilities to review the meeting transcript, generate notes and tasks from the discussion, help those that missed the meeting with key information, and divides the meeting up into easy-to-digest pieces. Other new capabilities in Teams Premium includes live, AI-powered translations across 40 languages, branded meeting experiences, organization-designed together modes, meeting templates, custom user policy packages, watermarking, limited record controls, sensitivity labels, virtual appointments, appointment analytics, virtual greenroom, and webinar registration experiences. More information on the new Teams Premium experiences can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • Teams, like Edge and other tools, is now gaining OpenAI capabilities that could change the post-meeting experiences as well as experiences for those missing meetings. Microsoft expects this capability to have AI review the meeting transcript, generate notes, generate tasks, and so forth to enhance meetings. 
  • These capabilities are aimed at displacing Zoom. Microsoft is pushing for Teams to become the more secure, protected, and aligned to corporate security policies of the two tools.
  • In many cases, the Teams Premium license will only be needed by the meeting host reducing the number of licenses an organization might need to purchase. However, the Intelligent Recap feature will require a license for each person attending a meeting where this is used. Careful license planning for Teams will be needed.