Azure Purview Rebranding to Microsoft Purview and Expanding

Microsoft’s data governance solutions are expanding to be more comprehensive and, as a result, getting a new name. Previously called Azure Purview, the new solution will instead be called Microsoft Purview. Previously Azure Purview focused its data governance and controls mainly on standard databases and cloud data sources. With the new Microsoft Purview platform, Purview will now merge the Microsoft 365 Compliance capabilities into Purview. The unified Purview platform will now allow organizations to get visibility into all their data across multiple clouds and data platforms with simplified tools to discover, manage, and protect data.  Details on these announcements can be found here

Why This Matters

  • Customers that embraced Microsoft’s three clouds (Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365) had a patchwork of solutions to handle data governance, discovery, and management without the addition of multiple clouds and data sources. Purview will now bring all of this together. Organizations with Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance licenses now get Purview. As a result, nearly every Microsoft customer will have some form of Purview.
  • While there are multiple good data governance solutions on the market, many of these require more work to connect the systems and execute discovery. The Purview architecture takes advantage of the cloud and different data governance architectures to discover and protect data more quickly.
  • Purview contains features beyond the core data governance, like data catalogs, that can leverage the data discovery effort allowing organizations to publish and share data, where appropriate more easily.