Microsoft Loop App Announced

Microsoft Loop is now gaining its own app. Microsoft Loop is the service that is part of Microsoft 365 and allows content editing and creation to flow between apps and services. For example, an Excel table can be copied into an email. Rather than respond to the email attaching yet another Excel document, edits can be made directly in the email without even replying to the email. The Microsoft Loop app now brings the components, workspaces, and pages together into a single experience and then helps organize the content and connecting people to the content. More information on the Microsoft Loop app can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • Loop is one of the newest Microsoft 365 services and is designed to streamline how people work. The same Excel table can be pasted into a Teams message, a Word document, or an email allowing anyone to directly edit the content without opening another document, responding to an email, etc. 
  • The Microsoft Loop app is available on the web and mobile devices allowing these collaborative experiences to follow and be accessible on any device.