Microsoft Intune Suite Announced

Microsoft has announced the new Microsoft Intune Suite. Microsoft Intune is the official branding for all endpoint management replacing the short-lived Microsoft Endpoint Manager naming. Microsoft Intune consists of the cloud management layer for devices as well as the on-premises management tool, Configuration Manager. Microsoft Configuration Manager is now part of the overall Microsoft Intune product. The new Intune Suite expands the existing Microsoft Intune capabilities with Remote Help for Windows, Android (coming soon), and macOS (coming soon). It also adds the new Endpoint Privilege Management to reduce the need for local admins. Other new features include Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile App Management and specialized device management like Zebra, Honeywell, RealWear, and other such devices. Details on the new Microsoft Intune Suite can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • The features in the Intune Suite are aimed specifically at the more complex device cases that have prevented companies on competing tools like VMware WorkspaceOne from migrating to Intune. Nearly every device found in factories and frontline scenarios are now supported by Intune.
  • The features are aimed at further enabling the cloud-based management tools bring advanced security to devices while making the end-user experience better. For example, the Remote Help feature or the ability to elevate to admin role only when needed. 
  • The Microsoft Intune Suite is an add-on license or device-based license and it does not include the standard licensed that provides Intune. Customers that need these features will need to either do a device-based license for the specialized devices or a user-based license add-on for the new features.