Microsoft Ignite Announcements 2021- Data

Azure Percept Announced

Microsoft is streamlining and simplifying artificial intelligence (AI) applications and integrating those experiences across IoT solutions. Azure Percept is a platform for building AI solutions, integrating those solutions with hardware devices anywhere in the world, and then connecting the data to other Azure data and systems with full IoT support. Azure Percept Studio provides preconfigured AI models that can be deployed in minutes or tuned as needed. Azure Percept hardware solutions include vision and audio solutions all supporting the Azure IoT Device Provisioning Service and Wi-Fi Zero Touch Provisioning.

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Azure Synapse Pathways Announced

The new Pathways tool reduces migration time of data warehouses like Teradata or Snowflake to Azure Synapse from months or years to hours or days. Azure Synapse Pathways automatically translates SQL code across database objects and then optimizes the code for Azure Synapse. The initial preview release of Azure Synapse Pathways supports IBM Netezza, SQL Server, and Snowflake. In the coming months, Pathways will gain support for Teradata, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Hive solutions on Hadoop.

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Azure Purview Enhancements Announced

Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of the new Purview data governance platform with several updates. Azure Purview now supports scanning and classifying AWS S3 data, support has been added for Oracle Database, SAP ECC, and SAP S/4HANA. Purview also now supports both dedicated SQL pools and serverless pools. Purview can also now scan Azure Resource Groups and Subscriptions to automatically discover assets and apply classification. Purview also now supports Private Endpoints for greater network control. And Azure Synapse workspaces now works with Purview to help with discovery and usage of data.

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