Announcement #1 in What’s New From Microsoft in April 2021

Every month Microsoft announces hundreds of new features, capabilities, and services across the Microsoft cloud platforms – Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. We boil it down to what is most important and share them via our monthly newsletter.  Here is #1 for April of 2021.

Microsoft Expands Azure Orbital Capabilities

Direct integration between satellite data, Azure, and now Thales Alenia Space (TAS) are available in Azure. Microsoft is currently building satellite ground stations in several Azure regions allowing customers to directly connect their satellite services and solutions into the Azure platform. TAS is now joining Microsoft as a new partner helping drive near real-time geospatial analysis and processing combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence to power new business services. These new services will enable scenarios like rapid identification of changes between images, entity recognition, site monitoring, and situational awareness.   

Details on the update can be found here:  Read More +  

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