Announcement #3 in What’s New From Microsoft in March 2021

Every month Microsoft announces hundreds of new features, capabilities, and services across the Microsoft cloud platforms – Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. We boil it down to what is most important and share them via our monthly newsletter.  Here is #3 for March of 2021.

Microsoft Announces Availability Zone Expansion Plans 

Every country with an Azure region will gain Availability Zones by the end of 2021. Availability Zone (AZ) expansion is a top priority for Microsoft to enhance the availability of the Azure platform and support additional customer needs. As part of the AZ announcement, Microsoft outlined the following key activities: 

  • Every country with an Azure region will have at least one region with AZs by the end of 2021 
  • Every new region will include AZs at the initial launch 
  • Over the last year, AZs have been added to 5 major regions 
  • All mainstream and foundation Azure services will gain zonal support by the end of 2021 

Details on the AZ expansion plans for Azure can be found here:   Read More +  

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