Dynamic Lineage Extraction from Azure SQL Database Now in Purview

Microsoft’s Azure Purview service can now perform dynamic lineage extraction from Azure SQL Databases. Lineage data is critical for identifying root cause analysis, data quality training, impact analysis, and protecting and managing data. Dynamic analysis captures runtime metadata, processes, individuals, and apps accessing data, and where access happened. This dynamic lineage capability is now in Azure Purview for Azure SQL Databases. Details on these announcements can be found here

Why This Matters

  • Data privacy and regulations are critical for all companies to understand and follow. This new capability better helps organizations quickly discover and understand how data is being used and accessed. 
  • This service can also discover data being connected and used across on-premises and other cloud environments where Azure SQL Databases have been deployed.
  • Most data analysis tools today provide support for static lineage. Only a limited number supports dynamic analysis.
  • While this only supports Azure SQL Database today, this capability will come to other databases soon.