Copilot Announced for SharePoint and OneDrive

Microsoft’s AI capabilities are now coming to SharePoint and OneDrive within Microsoft 365. The initial Copilot release for SharePoint will use AI to automatically build site pages from existing content or inputs, apply branding and page design, add animations, and use video. OneDrive will get a new user interface and design. Copilot in OneDrive will provide a quick summary of changes to shared documents, provide insights into file sharing and usage, or help find files. Finally, as a part of these announcements, Microsoft also announced a new merger and acquisition support in SharePoint allowing cross-tenant content migration natively. More information on these Copilot announcements, new Microsoft Stream visualizations, updates to Microsoft Lists, and more can be found here. 

Why This Matters

· Having the ability to automatically generate a SharePoint site, using company design guidelines, by describing the site, will dramatically change the types of sites being used, the time needed to build the sites, and will increase the usage and collaboration.

· Historically building these sites was a major consulting effort for organizations and the Copilot capabilities will now do much of what consulting companies used to provide.

· Adding native cross-tenant migration capabilities will also create a shift in what consulting companies and software vendors create and build to help in migration projects. Microsoft is pushing to simplify the process and change the market.