Announcement #3 in What’s New From Microsoft in February 2021

Every month Microsoft announces hundreds of new features, capabilities, and services across the Microsoft cloud platforms – Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. We boil it down to what is most important and share them via our monthly newsletter.  Here is #3 for February of 2021.

Azure Front Door Gains New Service Options 

Microsoft is streamlining security and content management bringing Azure Front Door, Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Azure Web Application Firewall together into a streamlined service with two options – Azure Front Door Standard and Azure Front Door Premium. These new services streamline the setup and configuration of security for web applications. The new Standard solution supports static and dynamic websites, global load balancing, intelligent layer 7 routing, and traffic analysis and health reporting. The Premium offering adds Threat Intelligence, Private Link support, bot protection, CRS 3.2 and DRS 1.1 support, and advanced security logging. Details on these new Azure Front Door offerings can be found here: Read More +  

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