Adaptive Protection Comes to Microsoft Purview

The Microsoft Purview data governance platform is expanding with the new Adaptive Protection capability. The new Adaptive Protection capability is designed to move away from the prior too loose or too restrictive policies found in most organizations and instead leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to dynamically adjust the policy based on content and people activities. This new feature observes the types of activities being performed, the risk level of those activities, the frequency of activities, and other related items and then automatically tightens the data controls or loosens them. More information on this new capability of Microsoft Purview can be found here. 

Why This Matters

  • Data loss remains a major issue across most organizations and managing the policies and rules to control this has become increasingly complex. 
  • The new Adaptive Protection feature can significantly reduce the amount of people effort needed to manage rules while increasing the protection within an organization. 
  • While the specific implementation of Adaptive Protection is easy to enable, the greatest value of the service depends on more of the Purview technologies being deployed and enabled and mixes both user-based licensing and Azure consumption-based services.  This provides multiple avenues for a CSP to both sell licensing as well as bundling services to provide a successful Purview deployment.