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Why adopt Serverless design principals?

Perhaps the best explanation for this is articulated in the article Serverless Sea Change by Joe Emison
The basic premise is if you consider lines of code like monetary units of ‘technical debt’ for an organization. No matter how well written the code, it still must be maintained. Then it would be reasonable to assume having less lines of code to create and support means less technical debt. There is a great explanation of this in the article but the summary is if you compare a traditional 3-tier application to a serverless architecture, you get a dramatic difference in lines of code – 36,500 lines vs 11,000 lines.
Where do all of those lines of code go? You are basically moving that to your serverless cloud provider because you are trusting them with your deployment (at run time) as well as your uptime.

The article above is focused on application development practices. At Serverless Solutions, we are familiar with best practices in serverless application development, but we also use the same principals and apply them to areas outside of application development. For example, the same principals on rapid development and less code maintenance can be applied when building a simple reporting solution or an advanced machine learning solution. Putting it plainly in a use case, if you want to quickly deploy a modern data warehouse with reporting and collaboration, we can show you how to do it using serverless principals in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional data warehouse, for a fraction of the cost.