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Modern Applications

We founded Serverless Solutions to help companies take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.  Often this conversation lands on “Modern Applications”. Modern apps are simply applications built for the cloud or existing apps refactored to leverage what the cloud offers.  
As a business stakeholder, IT leader, or developer why do modern applications matter?  Cost is certainly a consideration and modern apps can drive TCO down, but there’s more to it than just the cost side of the equation.


Abstract away the complexity of maintaining your infrastructure.  Minimize your investment and simplify deployments, allowing the team to focus on adding value.


Properly deploying solutions to the cloud means you shouldn’t have to worry about redundancy, high availability, or disaster recovery.  Further, leveraging security best practices is a great starting point to avoid breaches.


Cloud infrastructure allows you to start small and scale up dynamically as the needs arise.  Then scale back down when usage decreases. Use and pay only for the resources you need and consume.


Focusing solely on the applications and functions naturally allows you to be more flexible and agile.  We can more quickly deliver business value and course correct when needed. Serverless is all about allowing your team to focus on applications rather than ‘plumbing’.

So how do you get there? It really depends on your starting point. We typically help clients assess their current landscape and map that to their business strategy, developing a plan to quickly close ground where you’ll see the most value. We can help you define your strategy and then migrate, replatform, and develop your applications.

3rd Party Applications

Migration of Virtual Machines and Containers

Legacy Custom Apps

Migrate applications to containers, PaaS, or Cloud Functions

Apps Developed for Cloud

Serverless: Using PaaS and Cloud Functions

Our thoughts on Modern Apps

Tales from the front

Modernize Your IT with Azure

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Before you buy another server, spin up another VM, or develop another application

Give us a call, we will:

  • Help you assess your infrastructure and application landscape

  • Review your plans with you

  • Help you map out your optimal path to the cloud

  • Help you with cloud on-boarding to get started

  • Provide estimated migration and consumption cost

  • Set-up your console for a POC

  • Secure GCP credits for you to evaluate the platform

Then you can decide if serverless principals and cost make sense for you

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