Moving To The Cloud

Everyone has the cloud in their plans now, for good reason.  Business leaders are under pressure to deliver quickly on digital initiatives, drive IT costs down, and  be more agile and responsive.  The direction is clear, but the the path is more complicated than most companies anticipate.  We can help you evaluate your environment, develop a plan, and start your cloud journey.

Serverless Solutions uses a simple methodology that works if we are talking about a singe application, large portfolio, or an infrastructure migration.

Our Cloud On-Ramp services are focused on the foundational activities required to get you prepared to leverage cloud capabilities in a safe, secure, and cost effective manner. These cross-cutting services are essential to a consistent approach to leveraging cloud services so we can quickly focus on delivering business value through the cloud.

Our goal is to meet customers where they are and accelerate their path to the cloud. The four pillars of our cloud enablement strategy are described below.

Our Cloud Enablement planning focuses on four primary areas. We generally think of these as the “Guide Rails” for you to start leveraging the cloud effectively.


Configuring directory federation and single sign on streamlines the on-boarding experience for new applications.

  • Common Identity
  • Federation / Single Sign On
  • Authorization Frameworks
  • Approvals and Workflow Management


Centralized logging into a single data store allows for efficient triage and analysis of issues

  • Logging
  • Alerting / Notifications
  • Audit Data


Connect your business and users to the cloud

  • Optimizing connections from your on premises resources
  • Determining best path for users to access cloud resources


Manage and monitor cost in your cloud environment

  • Tracking consumption and costs by resource
  • Spinning down non-essential resources
  • Alerting stakeholders when consumption spikes

On the left side of the spectrum below we will utilize automation tools like Velostrata to migrate workloads in place with no disruption to current services. As we move to the right of the spectrum our analysis will add items like messaging and API considerations as well as serverless frameworks and architecture patterns.

Delaying the time to realize cloud value and benefits leaves companies at a competitive disadvantage in today’s market. We are here to help you take advantage of the cloud.

Contact us today to start your cloud journey or get your current journey back on track!