Announcement #4 in What’s New From Microsoft in April 2021

Every month Microsoft announces hundreds of new features, capabilities, and services across the Microsoft cloud platforms – Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. We boil it down to what is most important and share them via our monthly newsletter.  Here is #4 for April of 2021.

Active Geo-Replication for Azure SQL Hyperscale Now Available in Preview

The largest and most demanding Azure SQL Databases now support active geo-replication. The standard tiers of Azure SQL Database have provided cross-region redundancy, reporting and read-only secondary copies, and automatic asynchronous replication to a secondary database. However, some of these capabilities were not present in the Hyperscale tier. The Hyperscale tier offers databases up to 100 TB in size, scale-out nodes to offload read workloads or provide hot standbys, rapid scale-up, and more. With the latest update to Azure SQL Database, databases in the hyperscale tier can now leverage secondary regions or failover in the same region. Combined with the instantaneous backup features, these new disaster recovery options can allow an organization to deliver mission critical databases with rapid recovery.

Details on the update can be found here:  Read More +  

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